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Why Us?

There are no surprises

Not everyone loves a good surprise party, which is why everything is ran by you first. We mutually will agree on everything so you can approve anything posted under your brand. We want to make this easier on you!

Get more for your money

Why don't we charge an arm and a leg for our services? We want to help small businesses or upcoming businesses be successful. Your success is our win. Trust us to do our best to help you succeed.


We never want to see you fail. We will continue to work hard so you can enjoy time outside of work. We create a simple contract so no lawyers are needed. This is a partnership.

Work Desk

Our Social Media Management package will help grow your brand's image and online reputation.

Our Social Media Management Process

  • Assign a dedicated social media manager to your account -This person will become one with your brand. This is your primary contact regarding all social media questions and strategy analysts. You will be able to communicate daily/or weekly with your social media manager via email or schedule a call at a time convenient for both parties.

  • Develop a strategy specific to your brand - Let us see where we think their could be improvement in your online presence and how we think it is best to move forward.

  • Creation of Content Calendars - Once an agreement is underway for a strategy our team will create monthly content calendars. These calendars will be created a month in advance with approval of all posts from you before moving forward.

  • Growth Optimization - Depending on the parties, we offer a 24hr response to all comments and messages received on social media. Let us let you focus on your business and personal time. 


Grow your brand awareness - Followers. Let us grow your online presence with relevant connections.


Build a connection - Engagement. We don't ever want your audience to feel ignored. We will help increase engagement(likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts.


Creating a consistent brand - Connection. We want your audience to remember you. Utilizing a consistency online helps those remember you when they need you.

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